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WoW Jewelcrafting Guide Level 1-525

WoW Jewelcrafting Guide 101

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Jewelcrafting is perhaps the hardest and most expensive profession to powerlevel. Unlike most of the other professions that have easy to find items, even the lowest level gems are very difficult to get because of how gems are farmed. However, if you have the money, time and skill, then you can be a master at socketing items for huge bonuses. It won’t be easy, but none of the professions are. This WoW jewelcrafting guide will show you everything you need, and everything yoWoW jewelcrafting guideu need to make, to ascend to level 525.


WoW Jewelcrafting Guide 101 – Required Materials

This list will show you all the materials you need in alphabetical order. Your requirements may change slightly if you make items not suggested by this WoW jewelcrafting guide, but they shouldn’t be drastically different.

10 Adamantite Barwow jewelcrafting guide
40 Adamantite Powder
5 Aquamarine
7 Azerothian Diamond
70 Bloodstones
3 Blue Sapphire
120 Bronze Bars (can be made from Copper and Tin)
45 Carnelians
25 Citrine
100 Copper Bars
10 Crystallized Earth
5 Dream Shards
3 Essences of Undeath
46 Eternal Earths
5 Forest Emeralds
55 Green Gems (can be any green gems)
16 Hessonites
80 Heavy Stones
20 Huge Emeralds
20 Large Opals
20 Malachites
140 Mithril Bars
30 Moss Agates
40 Nightstones
10 Primal Earths
60 Shadowgems
30 Shadowspirit Diamonds
80 Solid Stones
-10 Star Rubies
50 Thorium Bars
5 Titanium Bars
15 Truesilver Bars

Level 1-50
Make these items to reach level 50:
30 Delicate Copper Wires (save for later, as they are used in most bands)
20 Tigereye Bands

Level 50-150

Make these items to reach level 150:
50 Bronze Settings (save these for most rings and other pieces)
20 Simple Pearl Rings
10 Ring of Twilight Shadows
10 Heavy Stone Statues
30 Pendant of the Agate Shields

Level 150-200
Make these items to reach level 200:
45 Mithril Filigree (save for later)
8 Solid Stone Statues
15 Engraved Truesilver Rings

Level 200-300

Make these items to reach level 300:
25 Citrine Rings of Rapid Healing
5 Aquamarine Pendants of the Warrior
50 Thorium Settings (you can make more than 50, but only 50 are needed for this guide. Save these for latter)
10 Ruby Pendants of Fire
20 Simple Opal Rings
7 Diamond Focus Rings
3 Sapphire Pendants of Winter Night
10 Emerald Lion Rings

Level 300-350
Make these items to reach level 350:
15 Prismatic Black Diamonds
5 Bold Blood Garnets
10 Mecurial Adamantites
5 Glinting Shadow Draenites
5 Smooth Golden Draenite
10 Heavy Adamantite Rings

Level 350-425
Make these items to reach level 425:
55 Cut Bloodstones
5 Bloodstone Bands
23 Stoneguard Bands
5 Dream Signets

Level 425-525

Make these items to reach level 525:
25 Uncommon Gen Cuts (any stone)
25 Hessonite Bands
25 Nightstone Chokers
10 Vicious Amberjewel Bands
5 Vicious Sapphire Necklaces

WoW Jewelcrafting Guide – Farming

Farming is incredibly difficult for jewelcrafters. Unlike other professions, jewelcrafters rely on random chance or high-level equipment for resources. For example, a miner can get copper from a copper ore. However, there is only a random chance that a jewelcrafter will get any stones from ore.

You can either choose to be a miner, which gives you the random chance of finding stones in ore, or you can be an enchanter. Enchanter allows you to disenchant items, whereby you can find gems and stones. Mining makes much more money, but it takes a lot of time to find gems.

Enchanting is a little more secure, and it often takes less time because you will often get gems and stones from anything but normal equipment. However, you will need a lot of money to buy high-level equipment for the later gems.

Most people use an alt for mining or enchanting, or they use a gold farming alt to get all the money up for buying gems from the Auction House.

Use the Auction House for mid- to high-level gems. Low-level gems are typically overpriced, and it would be easier to find them in the field, or through disenchanting.

Plead with members to give you materials. Players like the many items that jewelcrafters can make, so you may be able to find people to give you materials for your crafting. This works best at higher levels.

Except for the noted items, you should sell all the gems and items you make to get some money for later supplies. Only sell to players or the Auction House. Selling items to vendors will not make quite as much money.

Conclusion To This WoW Jewelcrafting Guide

Jewelcrafting might be one of the hardest professions to level up, but the high-level items made by this profession are among the best. If you can stick to this WoW jewelcrafting guide through all the time and money needed to level up this profession, then you should have some amazing items by the end of the game.