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WoW Gold Guide Tips and Tricks

5 WoW Gold Guide Tips and Tricks

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World of Warcraft is still the king of the mill when it comes to online RPG’s and with the release of the new expansion sets Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria, you can expect that even more subscribers will join in on the fun. One of the most important elements of the game is gold because it is the quintessential commodity for you to buy and repair your gear as well as paying all of the required fees as you finish quests, compete in PVP matches, and raid through dungeons. wow gold guide

There are a lot of people who look for a WoW gold guide that will give the quick and easy route to make your character rich but the truth is a lot of these focus on illegal patterns and techniques that could get you in a lot of trouble. Here is a short guide to help you earn your gold in a way that is not against the rules of the game and still see at least 2000 gold every day.

Get to 85 (90 soon!) -
Level Up! This may seem really redundant to consider but you do need to level up your character to level eighty five. When you are at the max level you will gain access to the majority of the dungeons in the game so that you can stack your epics and make even more gold faster. Your likelihood to die while grinding will be reduced to less than half so you can focus on the more important aspect of getting yourself rich. If you are having trouble with leveling there are tons of guides out there that will help you step by step. Here is a link to one we suggest.

Leverage your skill set-
Max Out the Gathering Professions. There are three gathering professions in WoW: herbalism, mining, and skinning. The good thing about these professions is that it will cost you absolutely nothing to gain a 100% profit from all three. It won’t cost you a think to gather herbs, ores, or beast hide therefore selling them off will guarantee you an instant profit. You do not need to craft anything therefore you won’t be spending on anything.

Of all the gathering professions your best bet is to max out your mining profession. A lot of different gems sell for a lot of gold especially if you tend to mine rare ores and smote them to turn them into highly valued bars. A lot of people need these items for crafting and engineering and this means you’ll always have a consumer market. You want to avoid engineering by all means because it will cost you too much gold and the items you make can only be used by other engineers anyway, or you can just use this wow gold guide to maximize your income.

Cash in on companions -
Collect and Sell Companions. While pets are currently non-combative they do a lot of passive assistance to the player and this makes them quintessential partners for any decent WoW player. At a higher level you can either collect companions by fighting mobs that drop different companions at a high rate or you could go to specific areas that drop specific companions.

One good example is to collect Razormaw hatchlings from a Raptor nest. These companions can be sold for a good 150 gold each.

Get on the Grind -
Grind on Mobs Grinding is most likely the worst thing you could do since it is fairly boring but spending three hours a day just spending time in a place like Westfall (for the lower-level character) or the newer dungeons introduced in the new expansions, you can earn a lot of dropped gold and a whole collection of items you can easily put aside for the auction house.

This is what a lot of people are trying to avoid and what forces some people to just buy gold or do illegal transactions to earn gold the faster way but mob grinding is the main core of earning gold in WoW. It earns you everything from collector’s items, rare drops, and a little gold with each kill. Characters with a good skinning profession can earn even more.

Utilize the auction house -
Make Use of the Auction House. The Auction House is your best friend especially if you’ve followed this guide in maxing out your gathering professions. People need the items that you have gathered in order for them to craft powerful and rare equipment. This is why you’ll be earning thousands of gold by the end of each day if you spend time in the auction house.

Conclusion to the WoW gold Guide

Earning gold in World of Warcraft is not easy but with a little patience and spending some time and dedication to raise your professions, character level, and to grind out for a few hours per day will guarantee you will become an auction house regular. People selling crafting items and other high priced materials at the auction house generally earn from 2,000 to 5,000 gold per day and so can you by using this WoW Gold guide!