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Top 7 WoW Warrior Guide Tips To Follow

WoW Warrior Guide: 7 Basic Tips To LearniWoW Warrior Guideng The Warrior

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World of Warcraft is undoubtedly one of the most epic games ever created and in game, the Warrior is one of the strongest hardest hitting badasses around! If you like to give a ton of damage while at the same time being able to take huge hits then the Warrior is right up your alley. You can expect to have thousands of HP more than any other competing class. In this WoW Warrior guide, you will be informed of the ways to optimize your game play.

The Three Talent Tree Specs – Wow Warrior Guide 101

When it comes to the build of your Warrior there are three Talent Tree Specs available—”Arms”, the “Fury”, and “Protection”.

“Arms” - is used when individuals who want to improve the amount of damage dealt will focus on their Talent points. This is due to the fact that it is great for inflicting damage. It is especially good for Melee attacks, and when used with Mortal strike it allows the Warrior to apply massive damage in less than 2 seconds. All in all, this would be a great choice for playing PvP.

“Fury”- is chosen when a player wants to develop a tank-like character that can take out a lot of damage as well as deal out a lot of damage as well. Because it is very dependent on gear, it is not recommended for raids or group plays.

- The last of its Talent specs is useful when it comes to PVP, raids, and instances. This spec is “Protection”, which is most likely to be used when the Warrior will serve as a major tank. Because of this, it is not the the spec to choose if you want to be a heavy duty DPSer.WoW Warrior Guide

The Strengths – Wow Warrior Guide

As mentioned earlier, the Warrior has a wide variety of armor and weapons that includes level 40 plate armor. They can use just about any type of weapon but wands and can dual wield by the time they reach level 20. In order to do so you will need to learn the specific training from proper trainer.

The Weaknesses

Warriors don’t have any reasons of reducing threat. They don’t have any ability to heal themselves and are really dependent on gear—they’ll need to have the right ones in order to be effective.

4 WoW Warrior Guide Tips To help you Succeed


The Role Of The Warrior In A Group

The Warrior doesn’t only play well solo but it also has its benefits in a group, too! When in a group, you can not only enjoy being the combat but also the tank. The Warrior has the widest variety of armor and weapons. Due to that fact, it makes them an excellent choice for Melee DPS.

The Stand-Out

For all those players who like to stand out when it comes to field fights, raids, PvP, and instances then this might just be the right character for you. The Warrior class is likely to be anything but the losing side of it’s battles all because of the huge HP and the even larger amount of damage done to it’s opponent. Not only that, there is a variety of gear types you may choose from, all of which will make your Warrior that much stronger than the other guy.

Three Unique Stances

There are three unique stances: the Battle Stance which is the most balanced of all three, the Defensive Stance which takes damage particularly well, and the Bererker Stance which maximizes damage output due to it being the most offensive. These stances define the abilities of the Warrior and should be used properly to maximize the effectiveness as well as the efficiency of your Warrior.


Remember that the Warrior is very dependent on gear. In order to boost your chances of winning, keep in mind that it is important to gear-up right.

The Warrior is the most highly recommended class due to its popularity and most likely chances of winning. Though it is like that, it is not very dependable either. They may be strong but, when not geared-up right, they lose their chances of winning. But despite their weakness, they are extremely essential. So if you’re trying to hit 85 (soon 90) with your character as soon as possible just use this WoW Warrior guide.