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6 WoW Shaman Guide Leveling Tips

WoW Shaman Guide 101

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For those of you who are used to playing melee oriented characters in World of Warcraft, playing a spell-casting character will take some getting used to. This is especially true for characters like the Shaman. So if you’re planning to create a new Shaman character sometime soon then the following WOW shaman guide will help you figure out what you need to do.WoW Shaman Guide


WoW Shaman Guide – Mana Management

Manage your mana carefully. Remember that although you can easily increase your character’s mana to higher levels, using several powerful spells simultaneously can lead to their depletion very quickly. So if you don’t have a lot of mana, it’s best to pick weaker and less demanding spells when dealing with minor enemies. That way, you’ll put yourself in the habit of conserving your mana while in combat and prevent unforeseen attacks by the enemy that could cost you your life if you have no mana.

Get the feel of healing

Healing spells are tricky to manage. Heal-over-time spells, for example, will stop healing a character when your mana runs out. Also, in a given battle, several players will expect your shaman to heal their characters. As you might guess, these demands will put a tremendous strain on your mana supply as well as your ability to use your other spells. So if you plan to play with other players, it’s important that you agree beforehand which players get first priority on healing spells. wow shaman guide

Know Your Totems

Totems are one of the most important and notable spells of the shaman. So if you’re going to play a shaman, it’s important to know beforehand, what each type of totem can do. Doing so, will allow you to shift your shaman into different roles.

For example, the mana stream totem is helpful if you want to regenerate your mana quickly. On the other hand, the healing totem is often a good alternative to most healing spells.

It’s also worth pointing out that certain totems are not really useful, especially if the Shaman player chooses a particular specialization. So if you plan to focus on healing, the healing totem will be extremely useful, though at the expense of other totems in your arsenal.

Work With Other Shamans

Although most shaman players can work well with any type of party or team, they also need to work with other shamans from time to time. If your shaman has a particular specialization then working with other shamans with other specializations can be extremely helpful in combat situations. They can increase your overall damage output, increase your character’s survivability and cast spells that you don’t often use.

Also, given that high level shaman totems overwrite their low level counterparts, playing with other shamans will teach you how to play different roles in the party. Whether its buffing other players, healing other players or casting totems, working with other shamans can help you become more flexible in a group.

Melee not for me

Remember that shamans are primarily spell-casters, and like most spell-casters, they aren’t meant for melee. That sort of strategy should be left to Warriors, Paladins and and perhaps even Druids. Although this tip may seem obvious, it cannot be overstated enough. When playing a shaman, always keep your enemies at arms length. That way, your shaman will live longer.

Know Your Weakness

The average WOW shaman guide will tell you a lot about the strengths of the shaman, but they will not always tell you about its weaknesses. Well, this WoW shaman guide tip #6 will tell you a few things about the disadvantages of playing a shaman.

The greatest weakness of the shaman is also its greatest strength. The shaman is a jack of all trades spell-caster. It can heal, buff, curse and cause damage, but it can’t do all these things as well as other spell-casters in World of Warcraft.

The Priest, for example, is better at healing, whereas the Mage is better at direct damage spells. What this means is that the shaman almost always has a secondary role whenever other spell-casters are involved. Although this is not always a bad thing, it also means that Shaman players shouldn’t try to compete with other spell-casters. Instead, what they should do is to focus on flexibility and versatility, which is what shamans are good at.

The shaman is essentially a hybrid class, and that is something that you should always keep in mind. A shaman can fill the role of other types of spell-casters, and versatile enough to offer a supporting role in almost any type of problem. That is what most people expect from a shaman and that should be your main goal after reading this WoW Shaman guide.